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IÕm Karen Hager, an intuitive guide and psychic channel.

I offer one-on-one guidance, online gallery readings, intuitive development classes, and much more.

Are you in transition? Feeling stuck? I will use my unique intuitive abilities to help you get Spirit-Led information about your next steps.

We are living in a time of great transition. Many people are awakening to their spiritual gifts ... but don't know what to do next. 

I am called to help those who are awakening learn about their natural gifts and make wise choices in using them for Greater Light. My work as a teacher and mentor focuses on helping people implement practical, safe, joyful practices that bring them into greater connection with their own intuitive abilities and with their personal Divine connection.

This Work is a spiritual practiceÑitÕs not a parlor trick. My goal is to provide helpful guidance from Source, and I do that with positive, generous energy. I love to work with people who are ready to move forward, ready to open up to new paths, who long for a deeper connection with Spirit ... and who are looking for insight and guidance to help them along the way.

If you're ready to move out of the fog and go forward with more clarity and confidence, please click here to book your session.

Wishing you peace,

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