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Meet Your Guides with Karen Hager

Join me in this live, interactive online class and gain hands-on tools to connect with your spirit guides!
When will you meet your guides?

Tuesday 10/17 at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern


Wednesday 10/18 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

How much is it?
Your investment is $44 (live class, journal download, bonus audio meditation, class recording)

>> Yes, please! I'm ready to sign up! <<

Feeling lost? Looking for guidance ... your true inner guidance ... and coming up empty?

I want to help you open the door to greater clarity, greater connection with your guides.

In this delightfully affordable class, you'll experience a powerful group meditation and activation that allows you to begin to connect ... safely, at your own
pace, in your own way ... with your guides. They are standing by to help you!

We come into these physical bodies with tremendous spiritual and energetic resources. But most of us don't even scratch the surface of the tools available to us for living a fuller, more intuitive life!

Our spirit guides are with us always, and we can choose to tap into their guidance for greater clarity, greater abundance, greater connectio
n with the Divine.

But as I've worked with thousands of people over the years, I've learned that many of us just don't know how to start that conversation. Guides can seem distant, unavailable, even imaginary ... and how can we tell if they're sending messages to us anyway?

Ready to find out?

>> Yes, I'm ready! <<

Meet Your Guides

In this class we will discuss the following topics:
  • Who are spirit guides?
  • Why are they with us?
  • Does everyone have access to their guides?
  • How do our guides communicate with us?
  • Is my loved one who passed over one of my guides?
  • What's the difference between guides and angels?
  • How can we trust that what we receive is from our guides and not just our imagination?
  • Is there a "right" and "wrong" way to ask things of our guides?
And much more ...

This LIVE class allows you to:
  • Gain greater understanding of who guides are and why they're here
  • Participate in a unique group meditation/activation experience that safely and gently opens the door to help you meet your guide(s)
  • Ask questions directly of Karen in a lively Q & A session that may include intuitive insight on your personal concerns  

Register Now and Receive Special Bonuses

With your $44 tuition, you will also receive:

BONUS 1: Spirit Guide Communication Journal (pdf)

Includes prayers, questions for journaling, space for recording messages from your guides, exercises to enhance your awareness of guides, and more. You'll receive this download via email before class so you can work with it before we meet if you choose. It's also meant to be used as an exploration journal after class to help you document your experiences with your guides and give you tools to go deeper.

BONUS 2: Exclusive Guided Meditation Audio (mp3)

This high-quality audio was created especially to give you an additional method to connect with your guides. You'll receive this bonus recording within 24 hours after the live class. Please note that this is NOT the same meditation we'll be doing in class! I want to give you as many tools as possible to find the kind of connection that works for you.

Register Here!

Tuesday 10/17
6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern



Wednesday 10/18
10 am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / noon Central / 1 pm Eastern


Your tuition includes the LIVE 90-minute online class, Spirit Guide Communication Journal, and the bonus audio meditation ... plus the class recording


What's the format of this class?
    In the first part of our time together, I'll be teaching about guides in general and getting specifically into different types of guides and how we can work with them. This will include practical tools as well as ideas for opening spiritually to our guides.
    The second part of the class is an experiential guided meditation that will safely allow you to become aware of your guides and, if you choose, to begin to receive messages from them.
    In the third part of class, I'll open it up for your questions and reactions, and will provide personal intuitive feedback as I'm guided and as time permits.

Is this a one-part class? Or two parts?
I'm offering this class twice. Once on a Tuesday evening and once on a Wednesday afternoon, to make it as convenient as possible for you to fit this into your schedule. The Tuesday and the Wednesday classes will cover identical material, although of course the Q&A content will be different. Choose ONE date for the live class you want to attend, and you're all set!

Will you tell me my guide's name?
    My experience has been that our guides take names that have deep personal resonance for the individual they're working with, and we are meant to discover that name on our own. If you want to know your guide's name, this class will give you the opportunity and the tools to do so.

Will taking this class allow me to see my guides?
    Most people don't see their guides with their physical eyes. I "see" mine with my inner sight, and "hear" them clairaudiently (not through my physical ears). Taking this class will give you insight into how your guides communicate with you. Some examples of this are through sensations in the physical body, music, clairvoyant or clairaudient communication, dreams, manipulation of electronic devices, and many more.

If this is so great, why doesn't it cost more?
    I know people are hungry for this information. I love working one-on-one, but teaching a class like this allows me to reach more people and really get this vital info out in a bigger way. The material is tremendously valuable, and sometimes people who are seeking guidance also struggle with abundance. So I've priced this class at $44 even though I could charge a lot more.

I can't make either of the live sessions. Will I still get good value from this class?
    Yes, indeed! If you can't attend live, just register for one of the class sessions and keep an eye on your in-box! You'll receive the Spirit Guide Communication Journal several days before class. And 24 hours after the live class session, you'll receive a recording of the class AND your bonus extra guided meditation audio.

I want to share this with my friends. Can I purchase the class for them, too?
    Yes, absolutely. This class is a great gift for anyone who is looking for greater awareness of their inner guidance. If you are purchasing the class for someone else, please use their name and email address when you complete your registration (via the link you'll receive after payment). And of course if you have any questions, please just let me know!

How does this work? Do I need a webcam or something? Can I call in via Skype? What if I'm outside the US?
   All you need is a phone! It's audio only (so wear your PJs!), and there's no need to be in front of the computer during the class.
    After you make payment, you'll be taken to a page with a special registration link. Follow that, and enter your name and email address. You'll receive a call-in number and unique PIN for the class.
    You can call in using a phone, Skype or any other VOIP solution. The call-in number is a US number, so anyone who can dial a US number is good to go. If you'll be using Skype, check out the insanely low per-minute rates from your country to the US. (For example, if you're calling in from Australia, it works out at 2.3 cents per minute.)

Are you doing readings during the Q & A session?
    I always teach as I'm guided, and so there's a possibility that I will be tuning into a few people intuitively during the Q & A session at the end of class, although that's not the main focus of our time together. To be guaranteed a personal intuitive reading about your guides and your questions for them, please consider booking a private session

I have a question that's not covered here. How can I reach you?
    You are always very welcome to email me! You can find me at karen(at)karenhager.com