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Online Psychic Development Intensive
Level 1

3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18
Wednesday evenings
9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific
Each class is approx. 90-120 minutes

All you need is a phone!

Please email me to express interest before enrolling

This exclusive six-session online course is open to students at all levels of development who are committed to exploring and strengthening their intuitive awareness.
Class size is strictly limited.

I charge $144/hr for private mentoring.
You can participate in this nine-hour small-group intensive
(and get a bonus 15-minute private consultation with me)
for only $399 (a $1440+ value).

Want to pay in installments? Click right here to find out how you can do just that.

Please don't send any money
until you email me to tell me about your journey and why you'd benefit from this class.

Let me guide and shape your journey to greater intuitive connection and clarity! 

What will we cover in class?

Learn to trust and validate your intuition
Students speak intuitively with other students in every session. We begin with reading in a group and progress to reading with a partner. Some students are nervous about this. So let me assure you ... you will have fun, the other students are nice, and even the most timid student leaves this class with validation and a sense of growing confidence. (If you're worried about this aspect of class, email me so we can talk about it!) Speaking intuitively is vital for your development ... once you realize you can bring insight to someone else, you are much more likely to trust your intuition for yourself!

Class 1: Tuning In
Introductions; beginning to connect intuitively; learning to "feel" yes/no responses; beginning group reading.

Class 2: Working With Your Guides
Different ways of connecting with intuitive guidance; who are our guides and what are they with us for? Group reading practice.

Class 3: Psychic Protection
Learn to create a protected space around you; shifting the energy flow in overwhelming situations; awareness of personal energetic space. Group reading practice.

Class 4: Intuition or Imagination?
Discernment tools for telling the difference between intuitive guidance and wishful thinking or fear-based projection; opening and closing the psychic channel. Beginning reading in pairs.

Class 5: Meet the Chakras
Introduction to the energy centers of the physical body, emphasizing the psychological links in each; tools for scanning and assessing your energy field; tools for gaining insight from chakra observation. Reading in pairs.

Class 6: Your Questions Answered
Ask me anything ... really! Students determine the content and teaching focus of this session. Sharing resources for further study; revisiting topics that need more work. Reading in pairs.

Why take this class? Working closely with me in this supportive group, you'll: PLUS a 15-minute private phone consultation!

You get six classes and the bonus private phone consultation for $399 (a $1440+ value)

If you want to break up the payments, that's fine. Click here to get information about paying in two or three installments.

Remember, please don't send me any money until you email me to let me know why you think this class is a good fit for you! I'm happy to answer any questions and help you discern if this is a good next step on your spiritual journey!

Installment Plans

Want to pay in installments? No problem. You can take advantage of two- and three-installment packages below. And if those don't feel right, please email me and we'll come up with a plan that works for you.

Two Installments

Two payments of $199.50. The first is due on 3/14. The second is due on or before 4/4.

Three Installments

Three payments of $133. The first is due on 3/14. The second payment is due on or before 3/28. The third payment is due on or before 4/18.

Questions about paying in installments

Will I be automatically charged?

No. Please make a note of the due dates, and submit your tuition when it's due. If you forget, I'll email a reminder.

I need more time to pay or would like to break it up into more installments.

Please email me, and we'll figure something out.

These specific due dates don't work for me. Are they set in stone?

Please email me to let me know what you need. We'll come up with something that works for you.