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Online Psychic Development Intensive,
Level 2

October 25 - December 6

Six Wednesday evenings
no class 11/22 (US Thanksgiving holiday)

9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific
Each class is approx. 120 minutes

All you need is a phone!

Email me to express interest

This exclusive online course is open ONLY to students who have completed the first level of the online psychic development intensive. No exceptions.

Class size is strictly limited.

You asked for it! Here's a chance to learn more, go deeper, and explore brand-new content.
Your investment: $499
(a $1600+ value)

Want to pay in installments? That's fine. Look on the right-hand side of this page for options.

Please don't send any money
until you email me to tell me more about your interest in diving deeper with this class.

What will we cover in class?

Deepen your trust and validate your own intuition
Students speak intuitively with other students in every session. Just as we did in the first class, we'll continue to place an emphasis on experiential exploration of your intuitive abilities. Because we will be working with advanced techniques and topics in this class, your willingness to speak intuitively in a safe, fun environment will directly impact your level of expansion.

Class 1: In-Depth Reading Techniques
Introductions; experience an in-depth discussion/demonstration of the reading techniques I use; learn how to listen for "access points", ask for more information, receive guidance about when to wait and when to speak. Students read in pairs.

Class 2: Exploring Intuitive Ethics / Difficult People, Difficult Questions
Are there questions we shouldn't read on (whether for ourselves or others?) How can we clear energy around a distressed person or distressing topic so that we can receive intuitive clarity? If you sense something about someone, how do you know when to share that? Learn about the affects of alcohol/substances, diet, mental and physical well-being, and much more on the intuitive openness of both the reader and the questioner. Students read in pairs.

Class 3: Mediumship 1
Learn to connect with your personal guide for mediumship (yes, you have one). What happens when we die? How do our loved ones in Spirit communicate with us? How can we set boundaries to avoid unwanted interaction with those who've passed, and yet be available for communication? What's the difference between our beloved dead and our spirit guides? After a safe guided attunement for awareness of these gifts, we'll read in a group.

Class 4: Mediumship 2
A guest instructor (and professional medium) joins us for a frank discussion of his/her intuitive development and experiences as a professional medium. The guest will share an exercise to help you deepen your exploration of this topic, and will be open to your questions. Students read in pairs.

Class 5: The Darker Stuff
We all know that the reason we perceive Light is because it stands in contrast to darkness. In this session we'll shine a light on trapped souls, elementals, attachment/oppression, the lure of darker intuitive tools and magical practices, haunted places and people, and much more. You'll learn some advanced protection techniques, find out what to do if you get scared, and learn how to assess whether or not you need help to clear up a psychic mess (whether you made it or it was created by someone else). Students read in pairs.

Bonus Session: 60 Minutes of Intuitive Practice
You asked for it ... more reading practice! We'll gather for 60 minutes of intuitive exercises and reading in pairs. We may also work with a case study at this time (a question or situation sent in by someone from outside the class who would like the group's intuitive insight). This class will be scheduled for an evening or Saturday during the week of Aug. 21, based on the students' schedules.

Class 6: Ask Me Anything
I am wide open to your questions about anything we've covered in class ... and anything you'd like to bring up. Students read in pairs. 

Wondering if this is right for you? Please don't hesitate to email me with your questions!

You get six classes, a bonus 60-minute group reading practice, class journal, and the 30-minute private phone consultation for $499 (a $1600+ value)

If you want to pay in installments, that's fine. Scroll up and check out the options on the right.

Remember, please don't send me any money until you email me to let me know why you think this class is a good fit for you! I'm happy to answer any questions and help you discern if this is a good next step on your spiritual journey!