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Dr. Michael Lennox and Karen Hager

Internationally known astrologer and intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox and award-winning
intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Karen Hager want to meet you in Los Angeles for
these two high-vibration events!

Psychic Protection and Creating Sacred Space experiential class
Thursday 1/30, 7-10 pm

Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading
Friday 1/31, 7-9 pm
$35 This event is sold out

Psychic Protection and Creating Sacred Space

Thursday January 30th
7 pm - 10 pm
6404 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90048
(scroll down for map)

Buy your ticket now for $20!
(please note that Michael and Karen will not be doing readings during this class)

Want to learn how to create sacred space wherever you happen to be?

Ever been told you're "just too sensitive" for your own good?

Wish you knew how to protect yourself against the energetic impact of negative people and places?

Interested in fun, practical tools that you can put to work right now to clear your energy, make sure you're carrying only your own "stuff" and walk into any situation with more clarity and confidence (even if you're an empath)?

Then you'll want to join Karen and Michael for this transformational class!

Michael will share a powerful three-step method to create sacred space. You'll learn a deeply resonant and effective affirmative prayer that you can use to declare Divine connection, set an intention, and invoke gratitude to open a protected sacred space anywhere.

You'll get all the tools you need to make this method your own ... and you'll have a chance to try it out in the group so you can feel the energy shift for yourself.

Karen will be teaching about psychic protection, using the time-tested tools she uses with her students ... and daily for herself.

You'll experience a guided meditation to help you access your Divine protection and learn how to call it in around you. Karen will be sharing the prayer of protection that got her through a life-threatening situation, and she'll show you how to use the prayer to "seal" a sphere of protection around you.

In small groups, you'll get to try out some fun and practical ways to activate protective energy very quickly. These are very practical tools you can use whenever you need them.

There will be time for Q & A, and of course the whole evening will be steeped in the high-vibration, positive, generous energy that Michael and Karen bring to all their work together.

PLEASE NOTE: Karen and Michael will NOT be doing intuitiive readings at this event! If you want a reading, please check out the Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading on Friday 1/31.

Buy your ticket now for $20!

Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading

Friday January 31st
7 pm - 9 pm
6404 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90048
(see map at right)

Buy your ticket now for $35!
(this event is limited to 12 participants, so that everyone gets a reading)


If you have a question about life, love, soul path, abundance, or anything else ... come to this gathering ready to ask it! Let these two seasoned intuitives shed some light on your most urgent concern.

In this small-group setting, everyone will receive a reading that combines Michael's astrological insight with Karen's intuitive guidance! You may be surprised at the depth and accuracy you receive when astrology and intuition work together!

The evening will begin with space-setting and grounding to bring the vibration of the group into alignment.

Then Karen and Michael will go around the room to work with each participant for a personal reading. You'll be able to ask your question and gain insight based on your astrological chart as well as channeled guidance from Spirit.

Getting a reading in a group setting is a wonderful experience. The combined energy of the people attending helps raise everyone's vibration! Gallery reading attendees often say they received messages even as they were listening to the reading given to someone else. That's because when Spirit has a message for you, it will come through in some way no matter what.

Michael and Karen create a high-vibration space with lots of laughter and compassionate, no-nonsense guidance. They tell it like it is ... with great love and understanding.

So mark 1/31 on your calendar and join Dr. Michael Lennox and Karen Hager for a great evening of astro-intuitive fun!

Buy your ticket now for $35!
(this event is limited to 12 participants, so that everyone gets a reading)

Karen and Michael work privately with clients from all over the world, and there is often a waiting period for individual private sessions. But on 1/31 you can connect with them both, in a high-vibration setting!

Bring your most urgent question, and get ready for some astro-intuitive fun!


Where is this? How do I get there?

Take a look at the Google map (above right) for location and to generate directions. We'll meet at 6404 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.
It's an office building on the south side of the street. La Jolla Avenue ends at Wilshire and becomes the driveway into which you will turn southward. From the driveway, the building will be on your right. Use the garage entry, park and enter the ground floor lobby. Off the lobby, there is a doorway to a hall of rooms and the classroom will be on your left. There will be signs to guide you along the way.

Is there parking?

Yes! And it's free! (see above)

Why doesn't this cost more?

Could they charge lots more? Yes. But Michael and Karen want to get you good information, practical tools, and intuitive guidance without breaking the bank! The 1/30 class is available for $20. And if you want a reading, check out the limited-attendance 1/31 gallery reading for $35.

Are Karen and Michael doing readings at both events?

Michael and Karen will be offering readings ONLY at the Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading on Friday 1/31. This event is limited to twelve participants so that everyone is guaranteed a reading.

So can I come to both events?

Yes! Each one will have different content, and they're designed to be great experiences whether you attend one or both. Remember that Karen and Michael will only be doing readings at the 1/31 Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading.

If I buy a ticket but then can't attend the event, can I get a refund?

No refunds will be issued. Some seats for the Psychic Protection and Creating Sacred Space class on 1/30 will probably be available at the door the night of the class. The Astro-Intuitive Gallery Reading on 1/31 will most likely sell out well in advance. If you are thinking of coming at the last minute, email Karen or Michael to check on availability.

What if I have more questions about these two events?

Feel free to email Karen or Michael, and they'll do their best to sort it out.