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Sacred Space Toolkit

I've created a special set of resources to help you learn to clear and create sacred space.

When you pop your name and email address into the circle below, you'll be magically transported to the resource page.

What's in the Toolkit?

Sacred Space Teaching audio (10 min): Gain practical tips for stepping into your power as an intentional creator of sacred space, and learn the 3 Keys that keep your space protected and clear.

Sacred Space Prayer audio (10 min): I've recorded five prayers that I use in my own practice for personal protection and dedication; clearing negative energy; creating sacred space in a physical location; creating sacred space around a relationship; and creating sacred space for abundance and prosperity.

Sacred Space Prayer ebook (pdf): Here's a handy way to have those powerful prayers at your fingertips as you set about creating sacred space in your home or office, in a relationship, or to heal and activate your abundance.