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Every Tuesday at noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific, join me on Empower Radio!

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Miss an episode? Flummoxed by all the choices? Listen to some recent archived shows using the player below, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you don't miss a thing!

Here's what's coming up on "Out of the Fog"

Tues. 1/30 Intimacy, power, and healing the feminine wound with Dr. Julie Krull. Listen on Empower Radio!
noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific

Tues. 2/6 Explore the connection between art and intuition with Cheryl Sylivant. Listen on Empower Radio!
noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific

Tues. 2/13 Itzhak Beery on shamanic healing as traditional medicine for the modern world. Listen on Empower Radio!
noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific

Tues. 2/20 Practical tools for women in recovery with Noelle Van Vlierbergen, author of . Listen on Empower Radio!
noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific

Tues. 2/27 Jennie Lee, author of Breathing Love, on living love as an embodied meditation practice. Listen on Empower Radio!
noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific

Karen's Archived Media Appearances

A video (!!) interview with Cherisse Boucher as part of her InspireView series.

Interviewed by Rebecca Kane on Your Shero's Journey podcast. Sharing the story of my journey so far and how denying my abilities led to some troubling events.

Straight talk about intuition and life on Wake Up With K

Reading for callers and discussing spirit guides on Intuitive Transformation Radio

Interviewed by Lyn Thurman on Inner Goddess Interviews (video)

Doing readings for callers and enjoying myself thoroughly on Tarot Joy Radio

Appearing on The Truth is in the Light to share what it's like to connect with spirit

Talking about how to connect with our spirit guides on The Dr. Pat Show

Interviewed by David Baker on Beyond the Gate Radio

I was interviewed on IntuitYOUniversity by the wonderful Sherrie Dillard!

Guesting on The Lisa Bousson Show reading for callers and discussing healing old patterns.

Can you transform your life through intuitive healing? I talk about this and more as a guest on Intuitive Transformation Radio, hosted by Matthew Engel.

A video interview (!!) conducted by Allen Vaysberg for his "Recalibrate Your Life" series.

Talking about intuition, spirit guides, and doing readings for callers on Spirits Among Us

Leading a meditation on global healing for more than 2800 participants on The Intention Call (with a 30-min. interview prior to the meditation)

Exploring the link between intention and lasting success with Debra Poneman as guest host of The Dr. Pat Show

Interviewing Richard Moss on inside-out healing as guest host of The Dr. Pat Show.

Helping listeners make a Divine connection on Love, Light and Joy.

Sharing tools to help listeners invite and embrace change on
Power Tools with Jean Adrienne.

Conscious Cool Chic Radio! I was interviewed about releasing blocks, making a divine connection ... and my secret childhood desire to be one of the DeFranco Family Singers.

Exploring intuition and relationships on the Lisa Bousson Show.

Guesting on Jean Adrienne's Inner Speak Soul Adventures radio show! Compassionate teaching about attracting and deepening love ... and I did relationship readings for callers.

Shann Vander Leek interviewed me for her Divine Feminine Spotlight series! We talked about daily
spiritual practice, Divine Connection, and lots more.

Participating in a radio roundtable hosted by Solana. We survived 12/21/12! Now what?

Leading a guided meditation for world peace on The Intention Call (scroll down to 12/8 to stream the meditation)

Talking about moving from fear to love on LIMI Soul Radio with host Holly Riddel! Technical challenges didn't stop me from reading for callers and enjoying myself thoroughly.

Sunny Dawn Johnston was my guest as I filled in for Dr. Pat on The Dr. Pat Show! Sunny talked about her book, "Invoking the Archangels."

Appeared as a guest on Journey to Center with host Dr. Tammi Baliszewski, taking listener calls about relationship, finance and career

Roundtable discussion on Super Conscious~Net Radio. If the world's ending 12/21, what's the point of spreading light?

On CBS Radio's Bright Star Cafe, discussing what it means to be a lightworker and taking listener calls

Filling in as host for Dr. Pat, with special guest Holly Riddel

Taking calls for listener readings and discussing daily spiritual practice on The Dr. Pat Show.

Leading a guided health/vitality meditation for a global audience on The Intention Call (scroll down to 6/16 for recording)

Guest hosting the Dr. Pat Show, with guest Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

Doing on-air readings for callers as a guest host on KKNW Seattle

Trading banter with Dougall
 on The Dougall Fraser Show 

Spreading "A Little More Light" on The Dr. Pat Show

Welcome to Blissville! with host Teri Williams

Guesting on Spirits Among Us and taking your calls!

Discussing the next generation of lightworkers ... and doing readings ... on Cosmic Particles with Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

Livening up your morning on the WBLQ Morning Show with Mark Sullivan! 

Is he/she The One? A special Valentines Day appearance on The Metaphysical Edge that focused on the role of intuition in relationships.

Discussing ways to connect with our intuition, taking calls from listeners, and raising the vibration with Life Coach Ade on Life Conversations Radio

In conversation with Chris Anderson Onefeather and doing readings for callers on FATE Radio

Teaching tools to help you deal with negative people (and situations) on Light, Love & Laughter with Staci B

I guest-hosted The Dr. Pat Show, and Lisa Tunney joined me to talk about reconnecting with Source and inviting change in 2012.

In conversation with Rhonda Hohman about what's ahead for 2012 on The Soul Knows radio.

Great conversation with Tammi Baliszewski on Journey to Center radio

Guesting on The Dr. Pat Show! We talked about the phenomenon of apportation, how everyone's psychic, and I did readings for listeners.

Karen did on-air readings and was interviewed by David Baker on 
Beyond the Gate Radio

Raise Your Vibration! What can you do right now to help shift your perspective and get moving? (The Dr. Pat Show and Seattle's KKNW)

Dr. Pat Baccili and I appeared on VoiceAmerica, talking about Occupy Wall Street, the death of Steve Jobs, and more!

Karen was interviewed by the team at Our Wish Radio! Topic: Four Keys to Clarity

The Dr. Pat Show invited Karen back for another hour of conversation and on-air readings!

Karen guests on Rhonda Hohmann's The Soul Knows radio show.

Cheryl Patton welcomes Karen for an hour of lively discussion and on-air readings

Karen hits the bigtime on the nationally syndicated Dr. Pat Show, talking about how we are all psychic ... and taking calls for on-air readings

Karen joins Ann Marie for on-air readings and wisdom galore!

Karen joins psychic medium Gemini Rose for on-air readings and conversation

Work-Life balance coach Anastasia Netri welcomes Karen

Tarot Talk, giving on-air readings

Ronnel Corre interviews Karen

Karen appears on Awake! Now What?

Taking calls and telling it like it is on Ann Marie's Friday Morning Show

The Rev. Dr. Anne Frances welcomes Karen

Karen joins Dave and Justin on Knights of Awakening

Rena Reese interviews Karen on The Soul Salon

Karen guests on Unexpectedly Psychic!

Discussing what it's like to be a psychic mom on the Ronnel Corre Show.

Joining Joy on the Angel Talk Cafe. Topic is the spirituality of transition.